Terms and Definitions
Retail Customers
Thanks for visiting our website. As a wholesale distributor, Atlantic Quality Parts does not sell to retail customers. However, we would be happy to assist you in locating the parts you need, from a distributor near you. Please call us at 800-940-4363 and we will happily refer you to a distributor of our products in your area.
All parts sold by Atlantic Quality Parts come with a one-year, field time warranty. Atlantic will replace any part sold, within the one-year period at no cost to the customer. Atlantic's liability is limited to replacement of any defective part and does not include labor or incidental expenses.

If you have a defective part, simply contact your Atlantic sales representative and we will send a replacement part as well as return authorization for the defective merchandise.

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Terms are Net 30 days. For invoices not paid in full, a surcharge of 2% monthly (24% annually) will be assessed to any unpaid account balance. If further collection steps are necessary, the customer is responsible for all collection fees, attorney charges and court costs.
Atlantic's liability is limited to replacement of parts and we do not issue refunds for defective or returned merchandise.
Drop Ship Orders
Atlantic Quality Parts will ship orders directly to your customer. Drop ship orders will incur a $4.85 drop ship fee per order.