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1708-1026 - Rim
Product Group:
Wheels, Hubs and Components
Sub Group:
Rims and Tires
Case/International Harvester - 119241A1
Case/International Harvester - 570LXT Indust/Const, 570LXT Series 2 Indust/Const, 570MXT Indust/Const, 570MXT Series 3 Indust/Const, 580L Indust/Const, 580L Series 2 Indust/Const, 580M Indust/Const, 580M Series 2 Indust/Const, 580M Series 3 Indust/Const, 580SL Indust/Const, 580SL Series 2 Indust/Const, 580SM Indust/Const, 580SM Series 2 Indust/Const, 580SM Series 3 Indust/Const, 580SM+ Series 2 Indust/Const, 580SM+ Series 3 Indust/Const
Tech. Data:
Rear wheel, W15L X 24 10 Hole, for 17.5L x 24 10 ply tire. Painted parts are shipped with a protective primer finish only, this allows you to better match your exact paint scheme.
Net Weight (lbs):