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Tie Rod End
1904-0014 - Tie Rod End
Product Group:
Front Axle & Steering Components
Sub Group:
Tie Rod Ends and Drag Links
Kubota - K1253-01630, K1253-01640, K1253-01650, K1253-01660, K1253-01670, K1253-16600, K1253-16602, K1253-16603, K2561-01630, K2561-01640, K2561-16610, K2561-16613
Kubota - BX1860, BX1870, BX1870-1, BX1880, BX2360, BX2370, BX2370-1, BX2380, BX23S, BX25, BX25DLB, BX25DLB-1, BX2660D, BX2670, BX2670-1, BX2680, GR2000G Mower, GR2010G Mower, GR2010GAB Mower, GR2020G Mower, GR2020G-2 Mower, GR2020G-3 Mower, GR2020GB Mower, GR2020GB-2 Mower, GR2020GB-3 Mower, GR2100 Mower, GR2110 Mower, GR2120 Mower, GR2120-2 Mower, GR2120B Mower, GR2120B-2 Mower
Tech. Data:
Axial joint w/ tie rod end
Net Weight (lbs):