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Axial Joint
1904-0017 - Axial Joint
Product Group:
Front Axle & Steering Components
Sub Group:
Tie Rod Ends and Drag Links
Kubota - 3A011-62980
Kubota - L3130F, L3240F, L3240F3, L3830F, L4400F, L4600F, M4700, M4800SUF, M4900, M4900C, M4900SU, M5040F, M5040F1, M5040FC, M5040FC1, M5140F, M5140FC, M5400, M5640SU, M5660SUH, M5700, M5700C, M6040F, M6040F1, M6040FC, M6040FC1, M6060HFC, M6800, M6800S, M6800SC, M7040F, M7040F1, M7040FC, M7040FC1, M7040SU, M7040SUH, M7060HFC, MX4700F, MX4800F, MX5100F, MX5200F
Tech. Data:
LOA: 7.00" (177.80mm), OD1: 0.703" (17.85mm), OD2: 0.809" (20.55mm) W/ 2 notches
Net Weight (lbs):