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3010-0051 - Seat
Product Group:
Seats and other Components
Sub Group:
Seats and Cushions
Kubota - 35080-18400, K1253-56100, TC250-88720, TC420-88720, TC420-88723

Universal Products - 530000BK
Kubota - B1550D, B1550E, B1550HSTD, B1550HSTE, B1700D, B1700E, B1700HSD, B1700HSE, B1750D, B1750E, B1750HSTD, B1750HSTE, B20 Indust/Const, B2100D, B2100E, B2100HSD, B2100HSE, B2150, B2150D, B2150E, B2150HSD, B2150HSE, B2400D, B2400E, B2400HSD, B2400HSE, B2410HSD, B2410HSDB, B2410HSE, B2710HSD, B2910HSD, B4200D, B5100DP, B5100EP, B6100DP, B6100EP, B6100HSTD, B6100HSTE, B7100DP, B7100HSTD, B7100HSTE, B7300HSD, B7400HSD, B7500D, B8200DP, B8200EP, B8200HSTDP, B8200HSTEP, B9200DCDP, B9200DCEP, B9200HSDTOW, B9200HSTDP, B9200HSTEP, BX1500D, BX1800D, BX2200D, BX22D, G1800 Mower, G1800S Mower, G1900 Mower, G1900HST Mower, G1900S Mower, G2000 Mower, G2000S Mower, GF1800 Mower, GF1800E Mower, K008 Excavator, L175, L185DT, L185F, L200, L2250DT, L2250F, L225DT, L235, L2350DT, L2350F, L235DT, L245DT, L245F, L245H, L2501H, L2550DT, L2550DTGST, L2550F, L2550TOW, L260P, L2650DT, L2650DTGST, L2650DTWET, L2650F, L275, L2850DT, L2850DTGST, L2850F, L285P, L285WP, L2900DT, L2900DTGST, L2900F, L2950DT, L2950DTGST, L2950DTWET, L2950F, L295DT, L295F, L3000DT, L3000F, L305DT, L305F, L3200DT, L3200F, L3200H, L3250DT, L3250F, L3300DT, L3300DTGST, L3300F, L3350DT, L3410DT, L3410GST, L3410HST, L345, L3450DT, L3450DTGST, L3450DTWET, L3450F, L345DT, L35 Indust/Const, L355SS, L3600DT, L3600DTC, L3600DTGST, L3600DTGSTC, L3650DT, L3650DTGST, L3650DTWET, L3650F, L3800DT, L3800F, L3800H, L4150, L4150DT, L4150DTN, L4150F, L4200DT, L4200DTC, L4200DTGST, L4200DTGSTC, L4200F, L4200FC, L4200FGST, L4350DT, L4610DTGST, L4610DTHST, L4610DTHSTC, L4850DT, L5450DT, M4000, M4050, M4500, M4500DT, M5500, M5500DT, M7500, M7500ACL, M7500DT, M7500DTACL, MX4700DT, MX4700F, MX4700H, MX5000DT, MX5000F, MX5000SU, MX5100DT, MX5100F, MX5100H, T1560 Mower, T1670 Mower, T1670A Mower, T1760 Mower, T1770 Mower, T1770A Mower, T1870 Mower

Mahindra - 2810, 2810HST, 3510, 4110

Massey Ferguson - 1020 Compact Tractor, 1030 Compact Tractor, 1030L Compact Tractor, 1040 Compact Tractor, 1140 Compact Tractor, 1145 Compact Tractor, 1150, 210, 220, 220-4

Mitsubishi - D1300, MT210, MT372, MT4501

Satoh - Beaver, Beaver III, Buck, S650G Bison, ST1820, ST1840, ST2020

White - 16 Field Boss, 2-30, 2-32, 2-35, 21 Field Boss, 31 Field Boss, 37 Field Boss, 43 Field Boss

Yanmar - YM1100, YM1300, YM1300D, YM1500, YM1600, YM1700, YM1700D, YM1720, YM1900, YM2000, YM2000D, YM2220, YM2310, YM2310D
Tech. Data:
HD Black vinyl high back seat with drain holes and steel pan. Multiple bolt patterns to fit seat sliders, flip brackets or suspension mounts. Has opening for seat safety switch.
Net Weight (lbs):