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2-Cycle Engine Oil
770-129 - 2-Cycle Engine Oil
Product Group:
Tools & Shop Supplies
Sub Group:
Lubricants, Oils
Universal Products - 50:1 SYNTHETIC BLEND
Tech. Data:
50:1 Synthetic Blend, Twelve 12.8 oz. bottles per case. Meets JASO FD certification and meets ISO L-EGD requirements. Priced per case, sold per case. Red color. Keeps rings free, engine parts clean and prevents exhaust port blockage for easier starting. Antioxidant fuel stabilizer protects fuel system and extends fuel life. Clean burning with low smoke. Works in 50:1 and 40:1 applications. Twelve 12.8 oz. bottles per case. Each bottle makes 5 gallon of 50:1 mix. Order 120 cases for a full pallet
Net Weight (lbs):